Press Quotes Al Jamilat
What others say ...

“Al Jamilat is an alluring sonic experience that explores sounds from the Middle East, Asia, Europe… …Hamdan has discovered a musical niche where sensual electronica meets the archetypal sounds of traditional Arabic music”
The Huffington Post US

“a blend of electronics, traditional Arabic melodies, .. balladry and gentle folk-pop that is charming and original”
The Times UK

“a majestic second album”
Mojo UK

The Guadrian UK

“syncretic Arabic pop, rich with artful touches”
Uncut UK
“A clear-sighted artistic journey. Her compass is not guided by magnetic fields but by the magnetism of emotions. We are believers.”
Libération FR

“A unique vision of pop sung in Arabic, ranging from tradition to the frontiers of electronic music. A powerful and attractive sound.”
Grazia FR

“Mysteriously cool, wistful, but highly modern and yet eloquently Arabic”
Rolling Stone DE

“In eleven songs, Al Jamilat brings together two different cultures in harmony so effortlessly and naturally that all borders and walls dissolve even if for just a short moment”
Intro DE

“Song of tender, subtle beauty... music of profound greatness”
Fuldaer Zeitung DE